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  "I am not interested in shooting different things, I am interested in shooting things

   differently". Ernest Haas














Graduated from Alexandria faculty of medicine 1996, but it was not my road. I studied photography & joined many  visual-art communities & organizations. Participated in more than 50 national & international photo exhibitions, & was awarded a bunch of respected prizes and certificates. Exposed to different art techniques during my travels, & was certified as a master trainer, Irvine CA, 2002.

Based  in Cairo, my ambitious team have been serving the top advertising community in Egypt & the region since 2000. We keep up the latest techniques,  using cutting-edge professional digital cameras, with full range of high-end lenses & lighting gear. We also provide art direction & advanced photo editing to assure the best production quality.

Recently, we started to conduct comprehensive photography courses, based on  international standards, with new untraditional approaches. In which we focus -plus mastering the tools- on developing the participantís visual skills & art concepts.